Hoang Nen ALC Panel Construction Technology Joint Stock Company (Hoang Nen ALC, JSC) has been established since 7th June 2019 with the goal of developing the technology of building aerated autoclaved lightweight concrete panel/ blocks (ALC Panel/ AAC Blocks) in Vietnam, export building & construction materials as well as doing transfer construction technology to our international partners.

Today's construction materials production technology is diversified with many kind of smart and modern materials which saves energy, protect the environment, shorten construction time – saving project management fee, to build up perfect beautiful – elegance houses and extend the life-time of your home.

ALC Panel/ Blocks is produced 100% in Vietnam according to the automation technology and equipment of Germany, which was applied 50 years ago in the world. Recently, Pre-fabricated house with ALC panel is emerging in the domestic market as a revolution in advanced construction technology.

ALC Panel/ Blocks is produced from original materials including Cement, Lime powder, Fine crushed Sand, Water, plus a small amount of active aluminum powder additives to take form bubble air holes and then pressurized by steam at high temperature and pressure condition.

The whole house uses 100% aerated concrete slabs as a soundproofing layer, perfect insulation (cool in summer, warm in winter), creating a quiet, luxurious and classy space. This is suitable for building villas, hotels, resorts, industrial factories or high-rise buildings. 'Perfection is never a limit, we can always do better and constantly improve' is the operating criterion of Hoang Nen ALC - we always aim for perfection and satisfy our Clients!

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  • Adress: No. 07/20/52 Nguyen Tuong Loan - Nghia Xa - Le Chan - Hai Phong City of Vietnam.
  • Showroom: No. 434 Hoang Minh Thao - Vinh Niem - Le Chan - Hai Phong City of Vietnam
  • Hotline: +84.916.770.435 (Mr. Johnny)
  • Email: hoangnenalc@gmail.com
  • Website: hoangnen.vn     betongkhihaiphong.com
  • Youtube: Be tong khi Hoang Nen ALC Panel